There is Beauty All Around


 Its been a very difficult year, for those who don’t know me well, there was a tragic accident earlier this year that claimed the life of my precious Aunty, but it has really shown me how much I have grown. In fact I would say that I have grown not only because of this event, but that the great spirit guided me to grow enough before hand so that I would be able to cope. In spite of the terrible shock and grief that we have had, I am pleased to have felt an inner peace and happiness that has remained intact. I now know that my happiness truly comes from within not without. If one can still notice the tiny miracles and joys in nature and in life even when one is grieving, then one has not placed conditions and limitations on their happiness. If you say, I will only be happy when all is well in the world, when this circumstance or that occurs, then one may never be happy at all.

Furthermore I am helped in my philosophy by the outstanding example of my late Aunt, whom I have discussed in tributes in my previous blog in the posts and because Aunty always made the most of life, and even though she had vision and hearing impairment she was passionate about noticing the incredible details of the natural world around her.

Since returning home from my sad trip east with my mother I have had renewed passion for photographing the garden, which had fallen by the wayside of the constant need to photograph my beaded jewelry for my two online stores. I have also noticed that I have been attracted to incredibly bright jewelry supplies and designs that I used to always dismiss as not fitting my ‘classic, chic, elegant’ taste. I suddenly realised I am now selecting supplies and designs that Aunty can see and enjoy… and she is around, and she is happy, and she is showing her love for us.

So I am optimistic that I have plenty to experience, enjoy, and share here as I begin my new blog adventure away from blogger, and I truly hope you will join me, and find happiness today.



About starzyia

I am two part zen, one part whirling dervish (sometimes the other way around). Tea junkie, book addict, writer, and lifelong scholar of healing, symbolism, traditional lore, and spirituality. I am both religious and spiritual and love to create handmade jewelry which I sell online.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your Aunty..but thank you for the inspiration and thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such nice comments, reading this post is a great way to start my day..I have fibromyalgia, so things aren’t how they used to be for me…but I’ve been learing to do many things differently..also have learned from my favorite philosopher…the only mantra you need in life is…”thank you” at all times in life, not just as he puts it “during the chocolate candy covered moments. I would like to be able to add things to my Etsy shop more often, but my spirit, mind and body let me know when it’s right and when I can do it.

  2. I’m grateful that you came to see my blog and for your own kind comments. I’m not glad you have fibromyalgia but I feel grateful you mentioned it since I am learning to work around my own new ‘rules’ and ways for doing things as I have very bad spinal curvature. At times it can be very difficult and painful, I am certain it is the same for you, but hopefully we will each be able to get enough pleasure in our work and ability to persevere.

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