10 Strange Confessions, About Myself


  1. The little red bead on my quick unpick makes me feel ill.
  2. My favourite old-timey word is ‘poodlefaker’
  3. I can’t kill snails, but I give them what I call ‘a sporting chance’, which means I lob them into the neighbour’s yard and the rest (if they survive the landing) is up to them.
  4. I love the sound of car tyres on wet roads, ‘swish’, I find it pretty and soothing.
  5. I once accidentally slept in beach dunes that had live mines/munitions in them. I then woke up, took my bed roll down onto the beach and watched the sunrise, went back to sleep, and woke up to find myself on the nudist beach, I was very overdressed!
  6. I can’t stand having my belly button touched I get a queasy, uncomfortable feeling just towelling it dry after my shower.
  7. I was once accused of ‘cruelty to grapes’. As a child, I used to eat my grapes in a very elaborate way… I’d imagine one grape hopped off the bunch and went for a walk, then at some point, boom, poor little thing gets eaten by me. When the first grape doesn’t come home, the next grape goes out looking for it. Then there are two missing grapes and the third goes looking for them, and so on and so on. Anyway I explained this to my friend once and she said I was really mean!
  8. I once wrote an ode to a bottle of vodka
  9. As a person who sings constantly around the house, it’s no surprise I sing in the shower, however, even I was shocked when yesterday a large blob of after colouring conditioner fell into my mouth when it washed off my hand as I tried to put it on my hair. It tasted like poison, which I assume it probably was.
  10. I’m just a little bit obsessive compulsive… I have a tin of bookmarks (because I collect them) and I pick a different bookmark for each new book that I read, it has to match the book by subject matter, location, time period, cover art, or cover colour, and I never use the same bookmark for two books in a row. I also have a very ocd wardrobe, no clashy colours are allowed to hang next to each other, or touch each other in their drawers. The same garments get hung in the same order and on the same coathangers (which have names) each time. Until a garment is retired, then the hanger is reassigned.

Nuts? Why, yes, I am. Like most nutty people I enjoy my nuttiness. I am sure something I have said here has in some way sparked some similar memory or experience in yourself, if so, why don’t you tell me all about it?


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  1. My favourite old-timey phraseis ‘oh my giddy aunt!’, I LOVE the smell of rain on the roads, my car is my personal karaoke machine, and I wish I was loving in the 16th Century, just cos of the awesome clothes.

  2. hi Zenobia. I love giddy aunt too. We were going to name our racehorse Oh My Giddyaunt but the horse ended up going to pony club and getting called Dingles (by a strange little girl who will probably grow up to be a bit too much like me).

  3. Love it! That conditioner thing has happened to me before, and if you use the same kind I do it is definitely one of the ickiest most bitter tastes in the world! I have a slightly milder belly button thing, too. You couldn’t pay me a billion kajillion dollars to get my belly button pierced, even if I had the flat belly for it. Just the thought makes me all heebie-jeeby! Will definitely be back to read more of your blog!

  4. Thanks for sharing..I’m always singing too…never had the conditioner in my mouth but do confess that when my youngest brother and I were little we decided we liked the smell of dad’s hai karate cologne and drank some…it tasted like poison for sure…but it smelled like a lime lolipop…to this day I don’t like lime hard candy or lolipops, but if it’s key lime…I love it!

  5. oh gee, I can just imagine drinking that! who went first, who drank it even after seeing the first person’s reaction? or did you drink it at the same time?

  6. The little blob on the end of the pick always reminds me of blood, it always freaked me a little when I was younger (last week)
    Tyres on wet roads..yeah, nice sound.
    If you consider yourself weird then it’s a good weirdness..

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