My Creative Day…


All is Calm, All is Bright

I woke up with a hankering to create some crystal healing jewelry, and then I had a vision, how I wanted to shoot the end products…. I ran outside, I grabbed three small pieces of kindling, a strip of bark, a dried leaf, and a daisy…. I took, oh, let’s say ten photos…. and then… (gasp)… the camera whirred to a close with the ill timed message that I needed to recharge the battery.

My little handmade pyramid/wall/arrangement was resting on a piece of scrapbooking paper, and couldn’t be left in the garden (ants! wind! pets! weather!) so I had to try and transfer it onto the table under the patio…. I was not best pleased.

I went inside, ate some chocolate, cooked a curry (to keep for tonight’s dinner) and basically willed my camera charger to speed through its chore. I am very lucky though, it turns itself off when its done, and it is always done a good hour or two sooner than the manual claims. When I see the little green light has turned off, I get so happy!

I worked on titles and descriptions for my new pieces while I waited, and when my camera was ready and seeing the light was still good, I ran out to finish shooting.


(Above: Autumn Jasper and Amber Earrings, yet unnamed or listed, but surely soon!)

All is Calm, All is Bright earrings, featured at top of post, are made with jade, amber, and fire agate and these combine to create an amazing sense of security, inner calm, and contentment. Jade protects from misfortune, Amber protects from bad spirits and aids happiness reach you through life’s obstacles and emotional walls. The colour combination gives healing, inspiration, aids the appetite and gives a gentle, steady energy (not a headlong rush like heavy reds and oranges unchecked by other colours). These earrings are already in my etsy store

These little sweeties are called Contentment Autumn Jasper Earrings and are in my madeit store I love this stone for creating gratitude and greater sensory awareness so that life’s little precious details don’t slip by unnoticed.

Now, I’m off to bake a potato and eat my curry.


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  1. Beautiful backdrop for the photos!!! These earrings are so pretty. Autumn jasper is one of my favorites. I love the light pink and mossy green together. ~Val

    • I love autumn jasper too, I would love to find a larger piece to make a pendant or to have in my crystals in my room…. but I find just my earrings and bracelet help me so much.

  2. Hi Starry,
    Welcome to WordPress, you will find it is a lot better here than blogspot, easy to put links in comments, with out any problems, and if you have any problems, the help is fantastic.

    Again lovely photo’s, and the set out for the jewelry is superb. 🙂

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