It’s A Matter of Perspective


One day, not that very long ago, I was in the car with my family, driving on a shared outing.

My mother said, “There’s a rainbow!”

I (sitting in the back seat, craning my neck to see) said, “I can’t see it”

My father said, “it’s really faint, it’s not worth seeing”

As we can see, one person saw something that filled them with happiness to the point they instinctively remarked on it, and desired to share the experience.

One person, was truly interested in sharing this experience, and did everything in their power to enjoy it.

And one person, who had no impediment to experiencing it (besides their personality) dismissed it as not worth the effort.

Make of this what you will.


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  1. Beauty is all around us – the challenge is becoming a person who can see it through life’s aggravation, stress and ugliness. Learning to do so is so worth the effort!

  2. Hi Starry,
    This sort of thing as always amazed me. Why some people see life with negative eyes instead of the positive, I always wonder why. The comment from hawleywood40 has said it beautifully.

  3. I find the most amazing thing of all is that my Dad is an artist… he will take photos of almost every tree and rock he sees on vacation for use in art…. but then when someone else sees something beautiful he can totally miss out on it! I should add that he really has no idea how he sounds when he says something like this, and has no idea that he could be putting a downer on someone else’s enjoyment. I am sure he’d be horrified if he could see the whole thing played back on video.

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