Most Beautiful Monday: turning photographs into jewelry


Inspiration struck me immediately when I viewed my best friend’s photographs on facebook last week… but first, a little bit about my friend… Her name is Diane, and we met through a very special mutual friend about three years ago. Both Diane and our mutual friend have experienced the loss of a son, an unimaginable pain that both women are bravely learning to survive. Sometimes the journey is more about enduring by the slimmest of margins, but to her credit, Diane gets up and lives each day and gives thanks for her beautiful and amazing family of two surviving children and seven grandies (all boys!).

My friend Diane is also, like many who mourn, completely enamoured with the butterfly, a symbolic creature that reminds us, through her transformation, that our trials serve to beautify us and that life is just the childhood of our immortality. Diane receives the most miraculous encounters with butterflies, not just in her garden on a regular basis but uncannily, without fail on special occasions and on the painful anniversaries connected to her son, Matt, who has passed.  These butterflies come and alight on her, play around flirtatiously, allowing physical contact, and have been known to turn up in the most unlikely of places (airports, the beach!).

The photographs Diane took on the 6th July this year struck me immediately for their potential to be turned into jewelry, and I asked my friend, amateur photographer Diane Rodgers, if I could try to resize the images to create necklaces… she said yes! So our first collaboration has been born. I have even named Diane’s favourite of the two necklaces His Golden Wings in honour of Matt. Diane is awaiting delivery of her necklace, while I have one each of the two designs to add to my etsy store sometime soon.



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  1. Hi Starry,
    I admire how you can come up with these brilliant pieces of jewelry from photo’s, were would we be without our ability for imagination.

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