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Most Beautiful Monday… early Spring garden


Okay, so its August 29th, not quite officially spring here in the sunny south west of Australia, but my garden already thinks that Spring has sprung.

laurustinus in bloom

This is truly packed with flowers and buds still to open…

The first iris flowers are blooming in the front, back, and side gardens, and we have daffodils and California poppies brightening up the yard already.

I’m excited because my Kindle 3G should arrive any day now.

I’m looking forward to the Spring Racing (horse racing that is!)

And I have lots of creative work to do.

What are you excited about as the season changes wherever you may be?

My Creative Week


Sophistication Autumn Jasper Earrings

I feel like I have had a super charged creative week. The sales are beginning to roll in after the summertime lull (thank goodness!). I’ve created some new designs, which are being added to the stores today. Also, I’ve discovered that I only need to do a little tinkering to my manuscript before I send it to my ‘reader’ in six days (my ‘reader’ is the first person who reads my finished project.

On Monday, I began to receive some strong reminders that I have let developing my handmade business intrude on the time I spend writing… and that I really need (and desire) to focus on the writing. I got that little nervous anticipation I get when I think about a piece of work that I haven’t picked up or worked on for weeks (maybe months!)… I sat with the twinging anxiety and increased heart rate for two days.

Then On Wednesday, I opened Pandora’s box, which contained completed chapters, the ‘plan’ (which is basically a list of chapter titles, with checks next to the chapters I have actually written), and pages of notes, odd sentences or paragraphs I’ve had to jot down in the middle of my daily life so as not to forget them. I was surprised to find I really only had to write a final chapter. I did not remember being so close to finishing. It was an exhilarating moment, I can tell you.

The next day I let my ‘reader’ know how close I was to finishing and made arrangements to give them the manuscript Thursday next week!

I’m nearly peeing my pants!  Everything seems so exciting and like it’s aligning nicely (British understatement). So excuse me, but I have to say YIPPEEEEE!

Ruby Tuesday Earrings

You can find my handmade jewelry at madeit and etsy and I will let you know more about my writing when the time is right.

How Your Choice of Jewelry can Flatter Your Figure (or not!)


Yes really! the  jewelry you wear can do wonders for your appearance, or it can exaggerate those things you wish nobody would notice. So here are my professional tips for you…

First of all, I am sure you have heard that when you apply your cosmetics, you choose whether you wish your lips or your eyes to be the most dramatic and eye-catching part of your look, and that if you go heavy on the colour on both areas, the impact is quite startling and unflattering, since nothing ends up being complimented and you look, well, whorish (sorry!). It’s the same with jewelry, you don’t go ‘big’ all over. Large necklace? great, don’t wear it with large earrings. Perhaps you are working the other way around, large and eye-catching pair of earrings, great, you don’t have to wear a necklace at all, or maybe you’d like to go with a scaled down, smaller piece that ties in with  your overall look. Same with chunky rings and bracelets… pick your statement piece, one area of your body, and build your other jewelry selections around it. You don’t want to look like Dolly Parton hurled jewelry at you as you spun around on a high-speed carousel.

I’d like to get more specific to your body type now… just like stripes can make you look taller, or wider…. jewelry can add or subtract pounds to your figure. It can also add or subtract years! To subtract years, ditch clip on earrings!

Let’s start with your face, and neck.

long earrings accentuate your neck

Long earring designs highlight your neck, making it seem longer and leaner, a great choice if you are proud of your neck, or if you have a middle of the road neck and want to make it pop a  bit more, giving it a self-esteem promotion. However, if you have a short, stout neck, these earrings would not be as flattering, because their length will highlight the deficit in length that your neck has, making it a short trip for the eyes that scan your earrings down your neck and shoulder. These earrings look best if they are just above your shoulders, or just barely skimming your shoulders.

oversized or chunky earring designs have pros and cons

Large, oversized, chunky, and very colourful earrings have pro’s and con’s. They are great if you want to take attention away from your face (perhaps you have a blemish you want to just disappear!) but they tend to suit people with leaner faces, not fuller or plump faces. However, many people get so much confidence from wearing their favourite piece of jewelry no matter what it does for their figure that you cannot completely rule out such a piece as this. In my experience the people who select large, bold, and oversized pieces of jewelry have the confidence to get away with it.  These choices are also quite youthful, and I am a big believer in not tossing jewelry out just because you have struck a certain age.

the happy medium

There are plenty of medium to small sized earrings that can be the perfect solution to your earring needs, they can be as colourful as you wish, they can be a piece of fashion jewelry or a piece of fine jewelry, as you prefer, and they will do wonders for your appearance. They will balance out your appearance very well and help you avoid fashion catastrophe.

What about necklaces? Well, in my experience chokers tend to suit the younger generations more (I’d definitely suggest them mainly for the under 50 set). Chokers  also suit slimmer figures, though if you are a little plus sized and love your choker, go for a thinner choker, it will slim your neck and throat area more.

If you have a small bust, you can go two ways with your necklace. If you’d like to draw attention to the curves you do have, I’d suggest a longer length necklace, or layers of multiple necklaces, and you can definitely select one necklace that has a larger focal point. If however, you’d prefer people weren’t looking at your bust too much, I’d pick a shorter length necklace or a choker to draw the eye up closer to your face.

For larger busted women (I sympathise, I am one of you) I would not go for a large brooch or oversized necklace any where on your decollatege, just as I would not recommend ruffles and corsages on your tops and blouses, they just add so much bulk, they really stack on the pounds. I tend to rarely wear necklaces, I concentrate on earrings, rings, and bracelets.

chunky watch bands and bracelets can flatter... but be careful!

Possibly the most difficult area of your body to dress with jewelry, is your wrist. If you are a skinny mini, then you are blessed, and you can wear a delicate thin band or bracelet, or a thick and chunky one. I give you fair warning, if you have a plumper arm or wrist, be careful, a small thin watch may not slim you but it won’t add pounds, which a wider band may well do. Try things on before you buy, and take along someone you trust to tell you which suits you better.

narrow bands and bracelets are more slimming

A narrow bracelet like the one I’m wearing here, is the safest bet for any figure. By the way, my bracelet was custom-made with my own message, ‘hope springs eternal’ is on the outside, and on the inside, I have ‘prisoner of hope’ which is a song lyric I like, and the two messages suit my light and dark side and balances my whole personality out. I digress… if in doubt go with the smaller of two watches, bracelets, or bangles.

If you wear a statement bracelet like this, don't go OTT with rings

When wearing a very eye-catching bracelet like this (well its eye-catching in better light!) I would not go over the top with rings, not too chunky, smaller stones, and thinner bands would be my recommendation, otherwise you create a chaos for the eye of the beholder. Remember, your wrist and hand are on the same team, they aren’t battling it out for the most attention, they should be in harmony!

there is a ring for every finger... but you don't have to wear them all at once!

Rings are very important, as we age, so do our hands, and I believe that large, chunky, eye-catching rings, once again belong on attractive hands. If you don’t want people to notice your hands, I’d be sticking with your wedding ring, engagement and eternity ring… and anything extra should have a small stone and a slim band. If you have plump hands and are self-conscious about it, I would stick to that same advice. Large rings suit smaller hands. However, if you do want to wear something luscious and big, this oval shaped ring makes the fingers look longer and leaner than a large round or square design would.

Remember, I did say to wear what makes you happy! Loving your jewelry and feeling beautiful and confident can make you forget your physical attributes and just live. It’s up to you, what you wear, and how you feel, is in your hands. Make of this what you will.





Most Beautiful Monday…blossoms bursting open


These flowers are actually really small, but they pack a punch in the colour department! I always look forward to these opening, and they surely brighten up winter.

Here is my Buddha quote of the day “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole world would change”.