My Creative Week


Sophistication Autumn Jasper Earrings

I feel like I have had a super charged creative week. The sales are beginning to roll in after the summertime lull (thank goodness!). I’ve created some new designs, which are being added to the stores today. Also, I’ve discovered that I only need to do a little tinkering to my manuscript before I send it to my ‘reader’ in six days (my ‘reader’ is the first person who reads my finished project.

On Monday, I began to receive some strong reminders that I have let developing my handmade business intrude on the time I spend writing… and that I really need (and desire) to focus on the writing. I got that little nervous anticipation I get when I think about a piece of work that I haven’t picked up or worked on for weeks (maybe months!)… I sat with the twinging anxiety and increased heart rate for two days.

Then On Wednesday, I opened Pandora’s box, which contained completed chapters, the ‘plan’ (which is basically a list of chapter titles, with checks next to the chapters I have actually written), and pages of notes, odd sentences or paragraphs I’ve had to jot down in the middle of my daily life so as not to forget them. I was surprised to find I really only had to write a final chapter. I did not remember being so close to finishing. It was an exhilarating moment, I can tell you.

The next day I let my ‘reader’ know how close I was to finishing and made arrangements to give them the manuscript Thursday next week!

I’m nearly peeing my pants!  Everything seems so exciting and like it’s aligning nicely (British understatement). So excuse me, but I have to say YIPPEEEEE!

Ruby Tuesday Earrings

You can find my handmade jewelry at madeit and etsy and I will let you know more about my writing when the time is right.


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  1. Your jewelry is beautiful! I will definitely check out more when I get into holiday gift shopping mode this year : ). Isn’t that feeling of being inspired and NEEDING to get down to writing wonderful?

    • yes it is! I have had a terrible year (for not writing) we had a sudden death in the family, interstate, and when we got back so much still to deal with… I hadn’t worked on this project (let’s hope its going to be a book!) since last year. I am so glad I picked it up and finished it.
      If you do end up doing some holiday shopping with me, make sure you look out for blog posts or tweets on the side of my page with holiday discount codes, I like people to get the most for their money.

  2. Starry, I am so very proud of your many, and varied achievements my friend.
    There will always be those little reminders to spur you on because you know deep in your heart what has to be done as you surround yourself with friends that have been put here to remind you.
    Love your creations, both jewellery and writing and I wish nothing but the very best for you. Do what you love and love what you do…
    Love and friendship cherished friend ♥

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