Overcoming the Creative ‘Snooze Button’


Tree of Life Necklace, flowering rose quartz


I’m waking up from having my creative life put on hold, something like hitting the snooze button in the mornings if you ask me. First I was caring for my parents, Mum is recovering extremely well from having her thyroid removed and none of the many nodules they removed were cancerous. Second, my new Kindle 3G arrived exactly a week ago, and I have been avidly reading with it. Thirdly, supplies I ordered in July have still not arrived, because the US customs service is something like 56 000 parcels behind schedule… I say something like, because in the time since that bulletin came out, it could possibly have gotten worse!

However, earlier this week I received a question about making a celtic design as a custom order, and here is something I came up with (by the way, this one is actually available as the buyer wanted a necklace)…

Celtic Knot Earrings, 925 silver

I have also been playing with dragonflies, as you can see

Spring Dragonflies

And this afternoon I made the Tree of Life necklace seen at the top of the post… not a bad awakening given the limitations of what I have on hand. I feel like I am returning to my normal activities and I even dared order some more supplies from the US and hopefully they will arrive before Christmas, lol.

What have you been up to?


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  1. Hi Starry,
    I’m happy to hear you Mum is doing well, it is always hard with things like that. Sounds like you have been busy having fun with your new 3G, sometimes a lot of these new bits of technology I find take a bit to work out, but it is fun trying. 🙂
    I love your tree of life, the little pink flowers I feel make the piece.

    • Hi Mags,

      I have been having a lot of fun with the kindle, it works great, but unfortunately my first choice of ebook has had an incredible number of typos in it… you can tell they have used a spellcheck and not had someone proof read it for them, all the typos are correctly spelled words, but with critical letters missing from the start or finish so that the book doesn’t say what it ought!

  2. Defintely a good awakening, I really admire the Celtic design. Good to hear that your mum’s ok, and no cancerous tumours have been found – my grandad was diagnosed with stomach cancer a while back, and it really takes it’s toll on people.

    I saw your hummingbird piece on Facebook – that’s really nice as well. Keep up the imaginative work!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather’s diagnosis, my cousin had stomach cancer and it can be pretty rough. I will think positive thoughts for you and your family.

      The hummingbirds were in my store last year but I had completed them with the only emerald green beads I had at the time which are tiny little onion briolettes that are actually designed to be sewn on a fringe…. so now that I have better size and shape beads I altered them, I think it has been worth doing.

      I just got an email about pirate day, I guess that could be a great marketing opportunity for your amazing art, such a compelling theme!

  3. so great to hear your mother is doing better! Mine also had an operation last month and is healing well but its not so bad for me as she doesnt rely on me much…i rely on her more haha thank goodness for mothers! your ‘Tree of Life’ necklace is so pretty!

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