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The Bolshoi Theatre Restored and Reopened


This historic theatre has certainly lived through some fascinating historic and cultural periods, and was very nearly destroyed by them. The pride of Russia has reopened, on October 28th 2011, and to truly understand what this means to the Russian people, you need to look past the glamourous sable bedecked ticket holders, and give appreciation to the hundreds who stood outside in the rain, just to be there on the historic night, when they could have easily stayed home and watched the performance on live television.

May God bless Russia, and give great joy through the incredible talents that grace the Bolshoi, and may there be a long and illustrious future for this wonderful theatre.

New Handmade Creations… how I’ve been living and creating


Adore Me, Rose & Daisy Headband

I’ve been busily shopping for new supplies, and creating some lovely new handmade goodies for both of my online shops. The headband above is one of two new accessories in my madeit store the first two headbands I’ve ever made.

Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace

I’ve been creating new crystal healing gemstone necklaces and jewelry, every stone is hand selected by me for its quality shape, colour, and texture. I listed five new necklaces and two sold already, the rose quartz pendant pictured here is still available as are other pendants and gemstone bead jewelry in my etsy store. I am also busy wire wrapping some turquoise and jasper pendants.

Home Sweet Home, Earrings, in Purple

I have also had the joy of witnessing a native Australian orchid blooming in my back yard, it opens for one day only, alas it chose to open on a grey and bleak day, but I took pictures anyway… what do you think?

native orchid

it's ever so curly!



Our Town…. awh shucks, the second biggest city in Western Australia.


the old bridge

I live in Mandurah, Western Australia. It used to be a country town, it is now the second most populated city in the state but in spite of population growth, the rampant sprouting of malls and fast food outlets, and on the surface appearing rather like an outer suburb of Perth, we have kept some rather quaint or quirky relics from our days as a ‘country town’.

Take, for example, our iconic bridge, known as The Old Bridge… because, there used to just be this one… then when I was a kid, we went to the grand opening of The New Bridge… very imaginative naming as you can see… it will get very confusing when the old bridge is reconstructed or replaced and becomes The New Old Bridge!

It is the law in this fine nation of ours, that vehicles must give way to pedestrians… but there are signs, posted at strategic points around Mandurah, that in direct violation of this, inform you that “pedestrians must give way to traffic”.

Our roadwork crews are the smartest and most helpful in all the land, for two or three months of this year, there was need for a detour in my suburb while a roundabout was built… no big deal, just drive the scenic route following the detour arrows… until you reach a T Junction… where they helpfully posted a detour arrow right, and a detour arrow left… very nice of them not to recommend I drive through the T junction and into someone’s house… I mean, without the sign we might all just drive straight ahead!

As much as I have often had to correct my overseas friends, that they shouldn’t expect to come to Australia and see kangaroos here, there, and everywhere… I must confess, the city rangers were once called out to retrieve a kangaroo that was swimming in one of the local canal estates, and a kangaroo did once race my school bus down the road.

You can park your car at the top of the beach, get out, stretch, smell the salt air, feel that tingle of excitement… and there really is nothing more exhilarating than psyching oneself up to walk down the path to the beach wearing shorts and flip-flops while being reminded by prominently posted signs that snakes inhabit the sand dunes… and they are a protected species. Protect me!

As the city has grown, the horse paddocks and farms around us have been stripped away, replaced with suburbs and ‘lifestyle communities’… but one crazy old relic of our country days remains, and can be heard crowing his little head off at four in the afternoon every day. I love that nut job of a rooster.

I have to lurk in my front shrubbery like a peeping Tom to get mobile phone coverage.

And finally, my mum and I, visiting a local cafe, ordered a classic Australian dessert, pavlova… only to be served baklava by a Chinese waitress who couldn’t understand our accent. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mum laugh that hard, except for the time my dad quit in the middle of creating his voicemail message so that it said “please leave a message for ‘oh bugger it'”.

So come and meet us, we may be a city, but we still have village idiots, and very scenic and spectacular beaches and waterways for you to enjoy.





It’s Spring, Baby!

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I love spring, I always have. I know many people do, of course, its such a fun season coming out of winter and seeing colour and sunshine again. But I wonder if there is an extra factor. I've always wondered whether there is a connection between the season you are born in, and the season in which you feel most spiritually alive and joyful. Because I was a spring baby. And today was my birthday.

How I Made Ted’s Surfboard… how you can make one too


Ted & Surfboard

As I have previously shared, Ted is an amazing little fellow who travels the world having action holidays which he shares with his family back home. Since going to the beaches will be such a large part of his holiday with me here in Western Australia, I decided to make him his very own surfboard… and here is how I did it. Rest assured this is a very easy project because I am not especially gifted in the craft department.

cutting the surfboard out of styrofoam

I cut a surfboard shape out of this sheet of foam using a stanley blade. The edges were a little rough, but that is okay, the board is going to be covered. You will get lots of foam crumbs… and I don’t like mess, but I just vacuumed them all up with the cordless vacuum when I was finished. It is quick and easy to clean that way, I find otherwise you get static cling.

the next set of materials and tools

I was fortunate to have some metallic silver bubble wrap that a parcel came wrapped in, I knew it would help pad out my board shape, would be waterproof, and would be quite eye-catching when completed.

I cut a rectangle of bubble wrap not much larger than the surfboard, because I decided to tape the rectangle on in one piece to be the front of the board, and tape each edge over the back of the board, covering only about one centimetre around the edge of the back.

I cut a smaller rectangle to cover all the remains of the back of the board, neatly, and snugly. I used clear sticky tape, which is barely visible on the back side of the board. The front is impeccible.

This shows the back side of the board.

removing the backing of the rub on transfers used to decorate the board

I selected some very colourful, water proof, rub on transfers for the front of the surfboard. Ted is a very colouful guy so pink and yellow flowers with swirly leaves were a great choice.

Tally ho Surfer Bear!


A Very Special House Guest


Little Ted

I am very, very blessed to have Little Ted as my house guest. Ted is a miniature crochet teddy bear who travels the world for my wonderful friend who is not able to take the same journeys. Ted has been to New Zealand, the UK, Europe, and is currently dozing in a hammock in my backyard. I made the hammock for him using one of my eye masks.

Ted has very powerful medicine for the soul… he just uplifts your spirits, and he spreads this joy and happiness to all who encounter him. I’d be willing to bet you are smiling at the thought of him right now.

Ted poses with his brand new surfboard

Yesterday I took Ted to the beach, with his brand new handmade surfboard, he had a wonderful time. I will show you how I made his surfboard in my next post.

When Ted’s holiday is over I will make a musical montage of all the pictures and share that with you here.

So have a happy day, smile, share the love…. and we send you love from sunny Western Australia, xoxox Starry and Ted

Cheering Up on a Monday


Firstly, I hope I have posted this correctly, my first time posting something from youtube.

I have been hiding in my house… sick for two weeks with sinisitis, now a skin infection and my sinuses which were improving have slipped back a bit too. I have had a fat nose, literally my nose has been twice its regular width. I’ve been sensitive to light. I have been a little bit cranky about leaving the house and being seen. I have been indulging in watching fave tv shows on dvd. Actually, this past week, its been Ally McBeal that I’ve been watching, and seeing the character John Cage dancing with a feather duster to the song Gimme Dat Ding cheered me up so much I downloaded the song off itunes and thought I’d share this video with you. If you watch the whole thing, you will also see some vintage black and white animation of Betty Boop dancing.