A Very Special House Guest


Little Ted

I am very, very blessed to have Little Ted as my house guest. Ted is a miniature crochet teddy bear who travels the world for my wonderful friend who is not able to take the same journeys. Ted has been to New Zealand, the UK, Europe, and is currently dozing in a hammock in my backyard. I made the hammock for him using one of my eye masks.

Ted has very powerful medicine for the soul… he just uplifts your spirits, and he spreads this joy and happiness to all who encounter him. I’d be willing to bet you are smiling at the thought of him right now.

Ted poses with his brand new surfboard

Yesterday I took Ted to the beach, with his brand new handmade surfboard, he had a wonderful time. I will show you how I made his surfboard in my next post.

When Ted’s holiday is over I will make a musical montage of all the pictures and share that with you here.

So have a happy day, smile, share the love…. and we send you love from sunny Western Australia, xoxox Starry and Ted


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