How I Made Ted’s Surfboard… how you can make one too


Ted & Surfboard

As I have previously shared, Ted is an amazing little fellow who travels the world having action holidays which he shares with his family back home. Since going to the beaches will be such a large part of his holiday with me here in Western Australia, I decided to make him his very own surfboard… and here is how I did it. Rest assured this is a very easy project because I am not especially gifted in the craft department.

cutting the surfboard out of styrofoam

I cut a surfboard shape out of this sheet of foam using a stanley blade. The edges were a little rough, but that is okay, the board is going to be covered. You will get lots of foam crumbs… and I don’t like mess, but I just vacuumed them all up with the cordless vacuum when I was finished. It is quick and easy to clean that way, I find otherwise you get static cling.

the next set of materials and tools

I was fortunate to have some metallic silver bubble wrap that a parcel came wrapped in, I knew it would help pad out my board shape, would be waterproof, and would be quite eye-catching when completed.

I cut a rectangle of bubble wrap not much larger than the surfboard, because I decided to tape the rectangle on in one piece to be the front of the board, and tape each edge over the back of the board, covering only about one centimetre around the edge of the back.

I cut a smaller rectangle to cover all the remains of the back of the board, neatly, and snugly. I used clear sticky tape, which is barely visible on the back side of the board. The front is impeccible.

This shows the back side of the board.

removing the backing of the rub on transfers used to decorate the board

I selected some very colourful, water proof, rub on transfers for the front of the surfboard. Ted is a very colouful guy so pink and yellow flowers with swirly leaves were a great choice.

Tally ho Surfer Bear!



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  1. Hi Starry,
    Well done, you make it everything sound so easy, but coming up with the idea was definitely brilliant, and the way it was made excellent, and waterproof too. 🙂

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