Holiday Gift Trends, and Amazing Handmade Inspirations


Here are my three favourite treasury lists I’ve curated for these holidays, they focus on amazing handmade offerings that are on trend, the trends being: maps; matryoshka dolls; and miniatures. If you see anything you like, click on the treasury link, here you will see the updated treasury and see which items are still available and which have sold. If something you love has sold, click on the item and explore the seller’s shop, you may see something equally awesome and inspiring or a newer listing of the same item.

Soul Journey - Reinventing Maps

To visit the Soul Journey treasury, click here

My Dolly Kiss Your Dolly

To visit the My Dolly Kiss Your Dolly treasury, click here

Miniature Magic, Dreams You Can Hold In Your Hand

To visit the Miniature Magic etsy treasury, click here

I also have an etsy treasury of gift ideas for “someone who has everything”… because nobody really does have everything, my top tips for that special someone who has everything, is something unusual, or take an ordinary object and make it extraordinary. I even plan on giving some lead pencils as gifts, you can see an example in the treasury, this etsy seller wraps pencils in chiyogami paper and the effect is beautiful.

Please remember though that it’s always the thought that counts, more than any money you can possibly spend, remember, it’s not a gift to get in debt on behalf of someone else. Live and Love, and only do that which you can do gracefully and sensibly. My favourite gifts over the years have been from the heart, not the hip pocket, including a simple shell from the beach, or seeds from a friend’s garden.



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