Recent Proof That I’m Not Quite Grown Up


he loves me, he loves me not

Despite the fact that I am over 30, there has been some recent evidence that I am not quite a grown up… which added together suggests my inner child is mounting a fairly successful campaign to express herself.

I first noticed, that while lying in bed watching a scary tv series on dvd that I was, well, more comfortable tucked in up to my chin, okay, up to my nose in some very special thrilling moments! In other words, I felt safer not being exposed to what can only be the thin and familiar air of my lovely bedroom, just like I did in my childhood bedroom all those many years ago. And just exactly what is the protection offered by a mere sheet?

On a subsequent evening of the same activity… scary dvds…. I was turning down my covers ready to hop into bed, and felt a thrill of fear that my bare feet were under my bed. Under my bed! I felt a thrill of fear like I was anticipating someone grabbing them!  Ridiculous but true and believe me, I took care that those feet stayed well within my sight from then on.

I definitely felt like I wasn’t a grown up (and might have to surrender my voting rights) when I chose to eat a bag of crisps for dinner one night instead of getting my act together to prepare something genuinely resembling a meal.

Then there was the lovely afternoon I caught a white daisy and recited ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ while removing the petals one by one… and I didn’t even have a ‘he’ in mind.

There was the afternoon, when playing scrabble, that I made the word ‘oink’ and then lost myself in hysterical, uncontrollable laughter for a good twenty minutes… the more I thought about how the word wasn’t that funny, the funnier it became. I was in the end laughing at my own stupid enjoyment of the word. I am pretty sure my opponent thought seriously about phoning someone to ‘take me away’.

Finally this, last and crucial piece of evidence, and there is no delicate way to say it. This is most inelegant. I still laugh when I fart.

I rest my case.



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  1. Hi Starry,
    Ahh the inner child, you have to admit it is nice to let the child out every now and then, and have a bit of fun.
    The best part of having a packet of chips for a meal is because we can. 😀

  2. LOLOLOL Starry! I have to admit that I sometimes wake up and think, “Oh my gosh, my arm’s hanging over the side of the bed, I’m going to be eaten by a monster!” He he he.

    Oh, and the only reason I don’t sometimes eat a bag of chips for dinner is that I’d have to share it with my kids (well, okay, and I’m supposed to be eating healthy…)

    • yes, the sharing the treats is a problem… sometimes when I’m cutting a slice of cake I think.. I hope no one pops in while I’m eating this… I’d have to share! Plus in your case I know you have to set a good example… bummer!
      No more chips for me though well, not for dinner anyway. I got a bit slack in spring last year but now I am thriving on the healthy foods and working out.

  3. This lovely post made me chuckle from early on … the feet under the bed bit got me going. It’s not easy to retain the spirit of a carefree child – it takes work doesn’t it? So glad tho’ that you are making the effort to hook up with her and give her free reign. Hope you two girls have lots of fun together. penny

    • I felt so silly… feet under the bed, or tucked in for protection… but you know I think its human and definitely childlike to feel vulnerable and I welcome it, it may well be the price for having a vivid imagination!

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