A Look at My Dad’s Art and Studio 2012

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I spent this afternoon taking photographs in my Dad’s creative space.  Dad is more commonly known as Arthur Raston, a member of the Water Colour Society of Western Australia, award winning artist, and former teacher and mentor for beginning artists.

No, I don’t paint… sorry to disappoint! Is photography, jewelry making, decorating, and writing not enough? I have learned to wear my handmade jewelry to art functions to help divert attention away from the dreaded, ten most common questions the art community love to ask me!


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  1. Hi Starry,
    I can just imagine how tiring it must get to be asked the same questions over and over. Very good thinking on your part to wear the jewelry you have made yourself, you have a lot of your own talent to be proud of. 🙂

    • Hi Mags, well, the questions have become completely predictable but I can have fun trying to pervert the course of them… I experiment… one question inevitably leads to the next… unless I experiment with my answers… then perhaps I hijack the entire conversation… it can be challenging!
      Wearing the jewelry to an exhibition opening actually gave me my first break as a jewelry artist since I ended up talking to the manager of a gallery that was willing to take my jewelry on consignment. Lucky me!

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