What’s New at Starry Girl by Starzyia, 2012


starzyia on etsy

My etsy store is the flag ship of my business and offers the widest range of my work, and has to balance offering items for both the northern and southern hemisphere seasons. In this store you can also select gift certificates that are sent to your inbox in under 24 hours, these look lovely printed out or can be forwarded to the recipient’s email address.

starzyia on madeit

My madeit store is usually stocked with items that reflect the current season in Australia, though most jewelry is created to look good year round for a lifetime.

Thanks for your interest and support, I have been enjoying shipping my parcels to buyers around the world, and I also appreciate the help of my loyal followers who share, click, like, forward, praise, and otherwise spread the word about what I have been doing. You are the reason I will be enjoying my third anniversary in April 2012.


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    • thank you Deb, I just love your Pride&Prejudice series and am inspired by how creative you are across all your life, I often think to myself that you and your girls are truly having the time of your lives!

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