Most Beautiful Monday: Autumn!


haunted walk

I have had a little fun locally with my camera as we finally begin to experience a little autumn weather, though it was still quite warm over Easter.

I edited these images on pic monkey (so much fun if you haven’t tried it, especially if you don’t have your own editing software or apps) and used sepia and textured ‘smudge’ effects to transform my original photograph which had too much bright white and sunlight coming in from the left hand side.

epic journey

I thought I’d see if I could have a little fun with my pencil sharpener (yes it is a pencil sharpener!) it didn’t look like much of a photograph with the original colours, but running it through dusk, sepia, intrepid, and texture settings gave it a gritty vintage feel.

I still have a lot to look forward to, since we only have a very few coloured leaves as yet, not enough to create an impressive display.

a single tallow leaf

So for now, my autumn begins with a single Chinese Tallow leaf on my mulched garden. Hoping to see a carpet of colourful leaves as soon as possible please Mother Nature!


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