Starzyia Studio Music: my top 10 Female Artists


Lana Del Rey, Katie Herzig, Julia Stone (With Angus), Gin Wigmore

Some of my enduring favourites, music is a very large part of my creative process, both for my writing and as I work in my Starzyia studio and office. I can be heard singing all the live long day, luckily I work alone so no one can complain (unless my cat learns how to talk).

Liz Durrett

I lost my heart to Liz Durrett when I first heard one of the most bewitching, enchanting songs (and musical compositions) I have ever heard, it certainly has a lot of power over me, The Sea A Dream. My other top 5 songs by Liz include: We Build Bridges; In The Eaves; Lull; Not Running.

My favourite album by Liz is Outside Our Gates

My favourite lyric from Liz is “I live alone, at night, its all I can do, I dream alone right next to you” (You Live Alone)


I found Luluc through itunes ping (one of those occasions where it actually recommended something similar to music in my collection) and then I enjoyed her video for Little Suitcase. My other top 5 songs by Luluc are: I Found You; One Day Soon: Abigail & The Whale; A Whisper.

My favourite album by Luluc is Dear Hamlyn

My favourite lyric is “If I were to travel to some new place, could I walk away from feelings I can’t face?” (Little Suitcase)

Julia Stone

I started to listen to Julia Stone after enjoying Angus & Julia Stone’s cover ofย  Big Jet Plane, she has a lovely quirky playfulness, but also maudlin and sinister undertones that I find compelling, especially in Winter On The Weekend. I also rate these songs in my top five: My Baby; Lights Inside The Dream; Where Does The Love Go; Big Jet Plane.

My favourite album is The Memory Machine.

Best lyric: “He’s a dog, but he’s dressed up like a sheep, got bones all through the backyard but he likes to drink tea” (Winter on The Weekend)

Lanie Lane

Although I heard and loved Bang Bang, I didn’t explore the world of Lanie Lane until I, quite providentially, heard What Trouble Is, in one of those charming but essential life moments. Of course it remains my favourite, but here are my other top 5 songs: What Do I Do; Bang Bang; Hearbeat; Oh Well That’s What You Get Falling In Love With a Cowboy.

My favourite album is To The Horses.

My favourite lyric is “I’d like to say I treated him well, but I broke my heart by nearly breaking his” (What Trouble Is)

Washington, aka Megan Washington

I love the album I Believe You Liar, but its very difficult to nail down my top five Washington songs… since it changes daily, sometimes hourly. My top 5 (I think): I Believe You Liar; Skeleton Key; The Belly of The Whale; Lover/Soldier; Public Pool.

Best album is as mentioned above.

Best lyric “And I will be your wishing bone, your wishing bone for you to break, if you let me be the one, be the one wish you make” (Skeleton Key)

Cat Power

Cat Power came into my life at least 3 years ago, when I found The Greatest on the ilike site. Since then I have fully enjoyed her individual artistry and she is one person who has gotten me to embrace covers with her skilful ‘covers’ of traditional folk songs and rock ballads including David Bowie’s ‘Wild is the Wind’ (I never thought I’d like anyone but Bowie doing that!). My top 5 songs (I’d love to break my format and list more): Where Is My Love; Sea of Love; I Found A Reason; The Greatest; Wild is The Wind.

My fave album is Covers

My fave lyric “once I wanted to be the greatest, no wind or waterfall could stop me” (The Greatest)

let music plant the seeds of inspiration

Mindy Gledhill

Mindy represents my softer, lighter side, my love for quirky but beautiful songs – nothing morbid, maudlin, or macabre here, just pure sunshine and positivity. My top 5 songs are: Anchor; All About Your Heart; Love One Another; Hourglass; Little Soldier.

My favourite album is of course, Anchor.

Best lyric “there are those who think that I’m strange, they would box me up and tell me to change but you hold me close and softly say that you wouldn’t have me any other way” (Anchor)

Katie Herzig

I am completely, utterly, additcted to the song Forevermore as performed by Katie Herzig. From there I explored the complete library of gorgeous music by Katie, and my top 5 songs are: Forevermore; How The West Was Won; I Hurt Too; Wish You Well; Hey Na Na.

My favourite album is Apple Tree

My favourite lyric “I don’t know how happiness gets hidden in the wilderness” (How The West Was Won)

Gin Wigmore

I really am not sure how I crossed musical paths with Gin but it did start with the song Time Will Tell/Chains and from there the love blossomed. The rest of my top 5 songs: Dying Day; Over The Rainbow; Hallelujah; Under My Skin.

Best album is Holy Smoke

My favourite lyric “I need my father to be a part of who you are” (Time Will Tell/Chains)

Lana Del Rey

Plain and simple, Lana is in my top ten based simply on the power of Video Games… it is one of my all time most obsessed with songs. My other favourites by Lana: Summertime Sadness; Born To Die; Carmen; Lucky Ones.

My favourite album is Born To Die

My favourite lyric is “swinging in the backyard, pull up in your fast car, whistling my name” (Video Games)

If you stuck with me through that list, thanks, and I’d love to know your fave artists and songs




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  1. i’ve been trying to leave a comment on your posts for ages. i hope this time it’s successful. i am listening to gin atm. not too shaby. ๐Ÿ™‚ i am of course into shirley bassey, nina simone, etta james and atm i’m listing to adele a lot. i did want to say i hope you make a complete recovery from your recent surgery. i hope you are getting there. i love reading your posts but unfortunately my log in won’t work. cross fingers ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi, thankfully I have received your comment, thanks for your persistence. I have been finding lately that blogger won’t let people from wordpress comment on their site and perhaps this occasion it has interfered in the other direction. I have almost given up on commenting on blogspot.

      I can’t believe you love nina simone and etta james, me too! I love, love, love Nina, also Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Eartha Kitt.

      I am recovering really well, I’m allowed to do light exercise again now and it might be time for me to do a follow up blog post to fully revel in how much my life has change.

      Have a great weekend!

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