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Most Beautiful Monday: almost spring



Its almost Spring here and I have been enjoying my daily walks with Fizzy and taking photographs along the way. Here is a little dandelion I photographed for Day 17 of the Maddabling Photo Challenge, the daily theme was: fragile. Since the effect of this photograph is like looking at the world through rose coloured glasses, let me go totally Polyanna on you and say: kind words are not as fragile or fleeting as you think. Just like the dandelion that scatters in the wind to create new life, kind words land in treasured spaces in our soul and are remembered in hard times, preserving life.

Love, Starry xoxox


Living & Creating: the challenges and perks of taking part in a photography challenge


You Will Always Be Loved


Well, what could possibly be keeping me so busy in the midst of winter, which is my traditional slow period for my online shops? I’ll tell you, I’m taking part in the Maddabling 22 Day Photography Challenge this is, as you might have guessed, a 22 day event involving photography where participants take a photograph a day, everyday, on a set theme chosen by our gorgeous hostess Maddo. I agreed to take part before the list of themes was published, and I have to admit I was daunted when the themes were later revealed… gulp… some very cryptic themes because they have come from album titles from the 1990’s Indies music scene. After a slight freak out, I decided I was up to the challenge, and at only day 9 (plenty more puzzling creativity to come) I am so very glad.

I have taken photographs of things I never would have bothered with before, and most importantly I have challenged not just my camera skills, not just my editing skills, but my creative thinking and passion for assembling or designing a shoot.

On day one (theme: Around The House) I built a house out of paper, then made confetti stars to circle around it – these were ever so painstakingly arranged one at a time with tweezers. I had to figure out a paper pattern template myself. So my craft skills had a work out too.

The Party House

I have since played with the physics of effervescent drinks and floating drinking straws (for the theme: tilt); dissected a seed pod and had a wonderful time discovering unexpected structure within for the theme: pod; and dug out my old vinyl EPs for today’s theme: The Three EPs.



Blue Lines


And if you are curious, my very top photo, You Will Always Be Loved was my tribute to the theme: XO

So I can already thank my lucky stars that I took part in this challenge, as by the end of it my skills – technical and imaginative – as well as my portfolio will have grown tremendously. If you would like to keep track of all the contributed photographs please pop into Maddabling’s blog

And, finally, I am going to be sending out a Starzyia newsletter once a month via email, if you would like to subscribe please do so, I’d love it!





Living & Creating: Starzyia Winter 2012 smilebox

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Its been a mostly very fine and sunny winter – translation no cloud cover at night makes the night and mornings very chilly! Of course it has been quite wet all at once too, mostly when I have to walk the dog. Yep, Fizzy doesn’t just run himself silly in the backyard, he and I both need a real brisk walk each day (sometimes two), and we love to go down by the river.

With some early signs of spring, I am almost ready to pass the fall-winter baton on to my northern hemisphere friends, and I’ll be glad to receive your spring-summer baton but without the heat waves please!