Announcing: the Starzyia 21 Day Photography Challenge


Official Theme List for the Starzyia Challenge

Hi, just a quick invite for those of you interested, I am hosting a 21 Day, Daily Photography Challenge as a facebook event, if after reading this post you feel you would like to participate, please head on over to the facebook event page and join. The event begins this Saturday 27th October and ends Friday November 16th 2012.

I will be collecting each day’s set of photographs from participants and posting them here, so I hope you won’t mind seeing daily posts for me during that time. I have enjoyed being a part of two daily photography challenges hosted by others and wanted to try hosting for myself. Here are a couple of my photographs taken during the current challenge I am involved in… I will put the day’s theme as the caption so you can get an idea of how easy it is to interpret and get creative with a theme.

hourly, daily

Young, Modern
fashion patterns from the time when my mum was young, modern

Tea & Sympathy

21 Day Photography Challenge
Take a photograph each day for 21 days, following the designated theme for each day – the themes are titles of my favourite novels. (The list will be published on the event page)Please do not use photographs taken before the date of the theme, this is a challenge to see whether you can think creatively with what you have on hand each day – that is what makes it fun and interesting.
If you are unable to take a photograph on the day, you can play catch up afterwards, but please

don’t take photographs in advance.This is a public event, photographers of all ages and skill levels are welcome.
Please keep in mind that I can only accept photographs that can appropriately be viewed by children.

This is not a competition and there are no prizes, please join in if you are interested in growing your camera skills and/or your imagination and artistic thinking.

You can post each day’s photograph (please select one only each day) on the event page, or attach the image to a facebook message to me and I will gather them to post on my blog. You will retain copyright to your work and will be named as the artist of record. Visible watermarks are okay, but please be aware if you use invisible i.e. digital watermarks I may not be able to post your photographs in the challenge collections here on the Starzyia blog.

You can also share your photographs on your own facebook pages, albums, or blogs (anywhere you like) … and you will find you end up with an amazing portfolio of your own stunning images!

I hope you will consider joining in, and please don’t be daunted by the theme list, the pictures of mine that I shared here are from daily themes that are album titles, at first I was a little bit unsure how to create in response to a set theme, but I have grown so much and it becomes so much easier to recognise creative opportunities that surround be every day now, just one of the ways I have grown from taking part.
And here is a previous blog post I wrote during the first photography challenge I took part in The Challenges & Perks of Taking Part in a Photography Challenge
See you soon!

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