Starzyia Photography Challenge, day 8


I want to begin by saying how grateful I am to everyone who has been following the daily posts, especially since some of you are receiving these in your inbox daily (when you signed up I was not posting this frequently!) and I am humbly grateful to see you sticking with me – and enjoying the amazing photographs the challenge participants are creating. Every click, like, comment, and share is appreciated. Thank you! And it is not too late to submit photographs for any previous day of the challenge, or to begin joining in, the daily theme list can be viewed on the event page

Day 8: The Portrait of A Lady

by Shelley Sypko

by Starzyia

by Adelle Favas

by Diane Rodgers

by Samara Maddison






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  1. Starry…..I LOVE your photo today …you chose perfectly by photographing our dearest friend, Cheryl Radford who was the Perfect lady always! I am sure heaven is enjoying her now…. xox

    • She was THE GREATEST lady and I’m so grateful that I had her friendship and that through her I met you and formed beautiful friendships and learned so much. She helped me so much by recognizing my true self just at the time that I was learning how to express that and be myself. She was the first to see ‘me’ and that helped me to go on more confidently expressing my thoughts and allowed me to have these connections with other people, like you.

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