Starzyia Photography Challenge, day 10


I’m very happy to share with you the photographs from Day 10, can it possibly be that we are halfway through the challenge? I am already planning another book title themed challenge for next year (basically because I will go into withdrawal over the holiday period when no sane person will be hosting a challenge for me to particpate in!) and I’m thinking of holding a wildcard day here for this challenge, its open for people who could not undertake the whole challenge but would like to post one photo for any one of the set themes. So if you would like to be a special guest contributor, head on over to the Starzyia page and send your photo (and the theme it is for) in a message. You can put your watermark on it if you want to protect your work and of course you retain full copyright of your creation.

Here is the full theme list:

Starzyia 21 Day Photography Challenge, set theme list

And here are the photos for Day 10: The Collector

by Shelley Sypko


by Samara Maddison

by Starzyia

by Adelle Favas


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    • it was hard for me to pick which of my collections to use as a subject (teapots and tea sets; books; matryoshka dolls) but beads by far outnumber anything in this house. I sometimes am surrounded by supply parcels and give a wicked little greedy cackle “mine! its all mine!”

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