Starzyia Photography Challenge, day 12


I think for this one day, I will put a little note about each picture, just so you can appreciate each different interpretation fully. I am very proud of the diversity today, well done!

Day 12: Pride And Prejudice

by Adelle Favas

Adelle has chosen to express the incredible mixture of pride (good pride – pride of parents, teachers, and students) and also sadly, the prejudice that can exist within the hallowed walls of a highschool. The photograph also reminds me that my first time reading Pride And Prejudice was for school.

by Starzyia

I thought I would flash back to the times where there were a lot of nasty signs about hippies, ‘no hippies’, ‘hippies need not apply’, ‘hippies use rear door’… and just to prove I’m not a dirty hippie, I have done all my laundry!

by Samara Maddison

Samara is quite rightly proud of the beautiful and dramatic coastlines in her area (the beautiful far south of Western Australia) and admits she might be just a little bit prejudiced in saying there is nothing to match it. My reaction to seeing this photograph was to think what a great location it would make for a scene of a Pride And Prejudice movie or mini series.

by Shelley Sypko

Shelley has captured a wonderful fuel pump that is fashioned after Australian iconic bushranger Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly epitomises prejudice in early Australian history.






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