Starzyia Photography Challenge, day 14


Oh-oh only a week to go, luckily this time of year provides plenty of opportunities to take great photographs and I will try to take a photo every day, how about you? How attached are you to your camera – is it something sitting there collecting dust? do you take your camera with you everywhere? is it something you can’t live without? is it pried out of your hands at the end of the day or do you sleep with it? Okay I’m guessing not many people said yes to the last one. I’d love to know what kind of camera you are using, whether you are a challenge participant or just reading the blog for fun. I’m only using a little Ricoh 8 to capture all my images seen here and in my online stores, but it is beginning to have some troubles maybe from having such a grueling life with me, and I’m looking at getting a Nikon D3200 so I can advance a little more in my photography but not get in over my head.

Anyway, without further delay, Day 14: All The Names

by Samara Maddison

by Adelle Favas

by Shelley Sypko


by Deborah Davey


by Starzyia



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  1. I have loved visiting and viewing all of the wonderful photos here… I have really enjoyed all the great prompts and seeing the different interpretations. I really wish it would just go on and on. penny

    • its lovely to hear that Penny, I am also dreading the end, but I do know I won’t be stopped from hosting another challenge early next year… it is so highly addictive, but I know I need to give people more time over the holidays (even though they will be taking photos in that time!)
      you are welcome to join in the next challenge or become a guest contributor for any of the themes of this one.

  2. very clever photos šŸ™‚

    I use a Canon EOS40D & I tend to go through phases – sometimes I’m taking photos everyday, sometimes way less often (never slept with it though šŸ˜‰ )

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