Starzyia Photography Challenge, day 15


Day 15? No way! This challenge has been quite the odyssey for my intrepid photographer friends, and I was reminded of that when I saw the words of Samara Maddison who posted the definition of odyssey on the event wall “a long journey during which many things happen”. It got me thinking about all the things we have done along our challenge journey. I personally have ranged from the mundane – eating a forbidden piece of cake, looking up the phone book, hanging a load of clean laundry – to exploring the more macabre side of my nature by creating a death to former lover magic spell and possibly killing Barbie (I am innocent until proven guilty, I still say I found her like that). So if this challenge has had you out and about doing things you wouldn’t normally do, or has made you look at your daily activities in a new and interesting way, then I am so very glad.

Day 15: The Odyssey

by Samara Maddison

by Adelle Favas

by Shelley Sypko

by Starzyia





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