Starzyia Photography Challenge, day 19


Not day 19! This only goes for 21 days, I can’t face it! Even with everything I have going on in my life, and my ever growing to-do list I am not looking forward to the challenge ending. I can promise I will host another one next year, perhaps after the summer holidays end here in Australia so maybe in February or March? I am actually putting off making christmas crackers that I swear every year I will make, and I have a lot of work to do on both Starzyia and FizzyLove, holiday shopping to do, and an office makeover to achieve. I bet you are now thinking about your to-do list, so sorry about that, but let’s get through this together. What’s on your list? What tasks do you dread, and which can be classed as enjoyable for you? What can you reward yourself with? I often reward myself for a day of hard online work with the world’s silliest treat – facebook game time – silly because after sitting at the desk for so long, I sit at it some more!

Anyway, here they are, Day 19: The Gentle Spirit

by Adelle Favas

by Shelley Sypko

by Starzyia

by Samara Maddison





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