Starzyia Photography Challenge, day 21


Brace yourself, these are the photographs from day 21, the very last day of the challenge. I have had an amazing, wonderful time both participating and hosting this challenge and I hope whether you were involved in the challenge personally or just an observer, that you enjoyed it every bit as much. I want to thank my exceptional, inspirational photographers and I hope that you will still be using your cameras regularly, and if you are at a loose end (not likely this time of year) but if you are, and you don’t know what to do, maybe try picking up one of the books from the challenge if you have not already read them. Check them out online first though, since my taste is varied! Not everyone can get through the brutal honesty of  Something Happened (Joseph Heller). I’m also working on another book title themed challenge list for next year, so at least I have that to get me over the pangs of challenge withdrawal.

Day 21: Black Beauty

by Samara Maddison

by Adelle Favas

by Starzyia


by Shelley Sypko

Don’t forget to scroll back and check out the photographs I have added along the way to updated posts!





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