Starzyia Photography Challenge, meet the photographers!


Yes, its over, but there’s no need to say goodbye, in fact here are profiles of some of the creative photographers you have been following, and links so you can stay in touch with these super cool, inventive, wonderful souls.

by Shelley Sypko

Shelley Sypko:

Shelley is proprietor of Cloud Nine Spa Chalets in the astonishingly beautiful setting of the Porongorups in the south of Western Australia. This is my third time participating in a photography challenge with Shelley and her pictures are always a highlight for me, from the beautiful, to the whimsical, I love her!

by Adelle Favas

Adelle Favas:
Adelle  is a wonderful creative force, she makes the most amazing and cute animal character crochet hats for children and let’s not forget crochet barefoot sandals (I LOVE mine and have just dug them out for summer)  through her small business DELiciousDesignz. Wearing a second (presumably non-moneky) hat she creates spoon pendants through her store Get Spooned.

by Samara Maddison

Samara Maddison:

Samara is the face behind Maddabling. She makes pretty things and never leaves home without a camera. She is also a champion of promoting Australian Handmade on her Maddabling Blog and is one of the Team Admins for the DUST team (made up of the cleverest bunch of creators in Australian ETSY land).

If you would like to connect with Maddabling, check out these links:


by Starzyia


Most of you already know me, Starry, but for the benefit of new readers I create symbolic & traditional jewelry as well as altered art and vintage postage stamp jewelry through my Starry Girl by Starzyia shops on etsy and madeit. I am just spreading my wings and starting a new creative business for my photography, art, and graphic design, FizzyLove is open now on zazzle, and FizzyLoveStarry will open on etsy as soon as possible.

***One more time, I’d like to thank every participant in the challenge, whether you submitted one picture or twenty one, you have delighted me! I’m also very grateful to everyone who has been reading the blog, and I welcome my new readers and subscribers, you’re awesome.

And if you have missed my crazy antics in the time that I’ve been devoting the blog to the photography challenge, here is a short tale of The World’s Sneakiest Spider and a Psycho styled Shower Slaying. Obviously I was taking a shower, expecting my usual relaxing time out after a long day, when I picked up the soap…. low and behold there is a spider (not the world’s largest) but maybe the ugliest, and definitely the sneakiest, lying in wait for me between the soap, and the little spiky plastic soap rest we use (its meant to help you drain your soap so it doesn’t stay wet and it lasts longer) so if you don’t know what this is, just imagine a bed of nails… and the nails are short, and the spider is squeezed between the nails, and lying in wait for poor, naked, defenseless me. So I’m standing there thinking if this were any other place I’d kick into action, right, squash it with something, step on it… but I’m nude, barefoot (of course) and holding a piece of soap. Screaming ensues. I stand there screaming at this spider for five minutes until it decides to make a run for it and gets off the soap rest… just what I was waiting for, I pick up the bright yellow bed of nails and I use the end of it to smash this spider into the tiles over and over again yelling and pretty much cutting this thing into two. Oh yes, I kill with extreme malice, you ruin my shower, I ruin your life. So I’m working this thing in a stabbing action and I realise, I’m woman, right, I am WOMAN… you attack me in the shower, I’ll find a way. I will defend myself.


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  1. Hi Starry Thanks so much for hosting the photo challenge. I managed to get most days done and it was alot of fun. Sorry I didn’t get around to writing a bit about me but thanks for doing a little speil for me. I have just got back from puppy preschool which was so adorable. Some of the pups got to graduate tonight and were given a little graduation hat and file – awww. Ted has only been for 2 weeks so he wont graduate for a few more weeks. Look forward to joining in on the next challenge. Enjoy your festive season and may it be a creative one for you.


    • I can’t believe they give them little hats! That is so adorable. One day you will see Ted graduate! wow.
      Your photographs have been so fantastic, it will be great to see you in the next one.
      Have a great time preparing for Christmas and summer holidays with your family!

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