Fizzy Waits for Santa

my dog Fizzy

my dog Fizzy

I confess, if it were not for my wonderful, cheerful little friend Fizzy, I probably would not be in the mood for Christmas this year, but it is necessary for me to get up each day, and exercise him, play with him, greet all the people and dogs we meet along the way happily, and of course, it will be our very first Christmas together. I finally put the Christmas tree up and decorated the house, and dug out the Santa hat for him to play with and pimped out his very own holiday stocking, which was originally a cheap paw print affair picked up from a discount shop, now it has his name spelled out in sparkling green rhinestones.

Fizzy with his stocking

Fizzy with his stocking

In the five months I’ve had Fizzy he has grown, and is now turning 1 year old! He is a little taller, filled out more but still trim and as everyone likes to say when we meet them on our walks ‘he’s in top condition’. Fizzy no longer shies or veers away from oncoming trucks and buses, but walks calmly on the footpath trusting he will be safe by my side. We don’t have to race past the houses where dogs bark at him – I insisted from the beginning that we maintain our regular pace though he would naturally have run and I just used to say ‘its alright’. He still does not chew or have any destructive behaviour, doesn’t dig, no nuisance barking, and knows his boundaries. I can leave the side gate open and he will only come out if I call him, and then he comes to me and stays near me… he in no way resembles the mad dogs bolting for freedom that I’ve met over the years when visiting friends and family. I am proud of my good, smart, boy who always has a big grin and is as gentle as a lamb with children and other dogs. I also love that he likes to walk an entire street on the sloping curb and not step on the cracks (just like I did when I was a kid) and that when given freedom at the offleash park, he chooses to run around like a mad thing with me – where I run, he runs (and weaves around me barking his little heart out) in short he is my shadow, just like everyone told me he would be. My shadow, my friend, my studio mascot, my security system, my gym membership, and my therapist. He is all he should be.


And the winner in the Starzyia 5 Days of Christmas was someone who left a blog comment, yay! Lucky number 17 was picked out by and the winner was Samara Maddison. The result can be viewed here


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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your best friend….Fizzy is a lucky boy to have such a wonderful Mum. I have two Jack Russells….Holly (who is 16) and Charlie (who is 5)….they are the most wonderful furry friends in the world….no, make that the third.

    • oh lovely, I have a great affection for Jack Russells, we must have equally awesome dogs 😀
      I am very blessed to have found & chosen Fizzy – if you don’t know our story, I lost my pet of 19 years this year, and my two best human friends one in January and one just three weeks ago, so having Fizzy has been very stabilising and fulfilling and has definitely saved Christmas for me.
      Merry Christmas to you and your beaut dogs!

      • It sounds like you have had a very difficult 2012 so the lovely of Fizzy is even more important than ever. I hope you gain comfort from knowing you have made a difference in my life already and I’m sure it will a long time friendship

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