Please Meet: Jenny from Kitchen Aromas, handmade soy candle artisan

I know it has been a long time since I’ve featured a handmade maven on the blog but I hope you will agree, that this will totally make up for that! I would love for you to take the time to meet Jenny and see her wonderful handmade creations.
Strawberry Shortcake scented candle by Kitchen Aromas

Strawberry Shortcake scented candle by Kitchen Aromas

Hi my name is Jenny and I run Kitchen Aromas, creating deliciously scented soy candles.

Where did your creative journey begin?

I have always had two passions in life – animals and the enchanting world of fragrances….from beautiful roses, to cooking, to incense or the sweet smell of the Australian bush, scents can move my emotions like nothing else.

As I’m sure is the way with most handmade businesses, Kitchen Aromas was all started by accident!  A few years ago I ordered my first “DIY candle making kit” from a store online just to give something new a try.  In the package I received, along with all the ‘usual’ scents like lavender, there was an ‘Apple Pie’ fragrance.  At the time I didn’t even know it was possible to make a candle smell like food! (well, other than the plasticy, lolly type scents you sometimes see – erm…Ive never smelled a strawberry like that..)  So I set to work and created my first ever soy candle.  Once I had sampled that scrumptious scent, the idea for Kitchen Aromas was born!

I began scouring the internet and craft stores for fragrances that made my mouth water, then, I went a step further and started mixing some of my own. I used trial and error, each time bringing them closer to my childhood memories of aromas that would drift out of my Mum’s kitchen.   The idea of soy wax appealed to me above paraffin wax due to environmental and health factors.  I have a dog who is highly allergic to many chemicals, so natural soy seemed like the perfect option to me.

pumpkin bread scented candle by Kitchen Aromas

pumpkin bread scented candle by Kitchen Aromas

What kind of things excite and inspire you?

The moment a “recipe” for a new fragrance starts to come into my mind, I become ultra excited, and consumed by getting it just right!  I love hearing new suggestions from my customers too.  My business vision is first and foremost family orientated – food is so often something that people see as a comfort, a reminder of happy gatherings and family time.  Being able to bring a scent to them that triggers those memories is very important to me.

aromatic gingerbread scented candle

aromatic gingerbread scented candle

What is the most difficult creative challenge you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it? (or are you currently tackling it?)

There are always a million challenges in making the perfect soy candle!  There are so many websites that can give you a step by step guide….but you quickly discover that for each step there seems to be 5 things that can go wrong.  One of my biggest challenges at the moment is dealing with the Perth heat – candles setting in 40 degree heat end up looking like a chalky, holey mess!  So my candles are only made way after the sun goes down, in the (slightly) cooler nighttime breeze.

What dreams do you have for the future of your creative business?

At this stage I’m focusing on building Kitchen Aromas into a brand that people know and trust.  Something that my customers would recommend to their friends and family without hesitation.  In the future I would very much like to open a small brick and mortar shop in the Perth Hills, where I live, while also continuing to sell online to other parts of Australia.

chocolate chip cookie candle by Kitchen Aromas, etsy

chocolate chip cookie candle by Kitchen Aromas, etsy

You can connect with Jenny and Kitchen Aromas through the following links

Blueberry Cheesecake scented soy candle, Kitchen Aromas

Blueberry Cheesecake scented soy candle, Kitchen Aromas

I hope you will show Jenny and Kitchen Aromas your wonderful support and join me in wishing her the very best for a fulfilling, exciting, and amazing creative journey as she grows her dreams and spreads her wings. Thanks, Jenny, for allowing me to feature you and your beautiful creations and photography.




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