Australia Day! land of natural beauty and talent

a finished piece by Arthur Raston

a finished piece by Arthur Raston

I figured I’d probably post some scenic beach photographs today to celebrate Australia Day, as you can see, I changed my mind. During the day I’ve been thinking about Australian pride – and what it means to truly appreciate the life and environment we experience here in Oz. Nobody taught me more about Australia, has taken the time to show me as much of this great land, and demonstrated a greater love for it than my dad, Arthur Raston, award winning pastel, acryclic, and water colour artist and member of the Watercolour Society of Western Australia.

Not only have I enjoyed travelling so far and wide across Australia with my parents, but have a home filled with beautiful paintings so that I always have a window into the great land we call home. Dad has many friends from the art world – we love and admire them all – but there is one thing that makes Dad stand apart from them… he has only ever painted Australian scenes. Many of his friends take trips around the world, and at exhibitions we see many beautiful replications of scenes from these travels, especially their European vacations, but Dad just looks at the paintings and smiles. He sees what is great in them, the work, the tasteful selection of colours, the emotions they evoke… but personally he has all the inspiration he needs right here in Australia.

Dad has been a city dweller all his life, but that has not stopped him from gaining the reputation of painting outstanding rural Australian landscapes, and many people over the years has sworn black and blue to his face that he has to have been a farmer at some time in his life. No. But you’ve worked with horses? No. You’ve driven sheep? No. You’ve milked a cow? No.

So talent and imagination, hard work, and dedication can transform your dreams into masterpieces. What are you going to create using yours?




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