Featured Seller: David Wright from Bare Hands Personalised Jewellery

It’s time to meet another very talented and fascinating member of the handmade community, this time I’m introducing you to David Wright of Bare Hands Personalised Jewellery, so I hope you enjoy this feature and show David and his wife some wonderful support.
David of Bare Hands Personalised Jewellery

David of Bare Hands Personalised Jewellery

I’ll let David introduce himself in his own words:
Hello, we are Bare Hands Personalised Jewellery from the northern suburbs of Perth and are a  husband (mostly) and wife (sometimes), fairly new,  small business,  making items of jewellery from Fine Silver (99.9 %), mostly personalised – which can mean names stamping / messages, finger foot and hand prints  but more recently exploring more non-personalised ways to be creative with the silver making process. Yes you may think it odd for a male to be messing about in a studio getting in touch with his creative and some might say ( and have ) feminine side – but hey ho – its good for the soul! I also am a professional tiler and work 7 shifts a fortnight with guys with autism. In my spare time (what’s that ?) I spend time with my two lovely boys and enjoying playing saxophone.
Where did your creative journey begin?
I got the idea of taking this particular path from my sister in the UK who runs a similar, quite successful company ‘Lucy Locketts’ and originally thought of setting up a franchise of that, over here in WA. After thinking about it and googling for a teacher or course, we found someone very local offering the exact thing we were looking for, did it and never looked back – which was just as well remembering back to  some of the first items that we made! We’re also exploring the possibility of glass beading and have booked a course – silver and glass can look great together.
a sample of David's wares

a sample of David’s wares

What inspires and excites you?
Hmm I’m a true believer that there is a greater intelligence at work constantly, and if we allow ourselves to trust in it, then inspiration and  creativity can flow freely without the need for too much thought – I certainly know this to be true with music. I like to let the customer provide inspiration for their own piece as obviously every customised item is different – its certainly exiting when it comes together and you get good feedback from the customer.
handprint jewellery

handprint jewellery

hand stamped jewellery

hand stamped jewellery


What is the biggest creative challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it (or are you currently tackling it?)

Pricing is a constant challenge, a battle of getting a balance between affordable and competitive yet making it worthwhile, please tell me I’m not alone here! (No David, not alone, I can hear the sighs of empathy rolling in from readers across the globe) Sometimes I just think ‘sod it’, its worth $X and I’m not selling it for any less. When people see a price sometimes, the natural reaction is ‘HOW MUCH!?’ but any small business owner would be able to give you a list as long as their arm about hidden expenses / time and not to mention for us , the price of silver. Sometimes I feel like explaining the whole process that goes into, for example, our miniaturised hand and footprints, stamped onto silver. I’m sure some people think we have a little elf that we summon whenever needed, to give us a quick dance and place his hand and feet into the silver for us.  At a market once, I was explaining that we not only offered fingerprint jewellery but hand and footprints too and pointed to a pendant I had made with our sons prints on, to which she replied in all seriousness  ‘Nah, their hands aren’t that small’

personalised fingerprint jewellery

personalised fingerprint jewellery


What dreams do you have for the future of your creative business?
I’d love for what we offer to grow to the point where our products become somewhat of a ‘brand name’  even if it’s just locally – just like people talk about other brands to us when sharing our excitement in what we’re doing. I think the key might be to be unique, remain true to yourself, have faith and anything is possible – you just have to create it. My sister and I remember a quote that goes something like ‘some people look at a rock and see a rock .. others see a cathedral’
personalised jewellery is a great way to show your love

personalised jewellery is a great way to show your love

How to connect with Bare Hands Personalised Jewellery and David:
Although I’ve only been on Etsy a few months, it looks like a great medium for being amongst like minded sellers and we also have a facebook page www.facebook.com/barehandspersonalisedjewellery – which has a back catalogue of items we have made in the past.  One awkward aspect of making everything to order is that you never have anything for display purposes as it goes out as soon as you’ve made it. You may notice the same names cropping up on some of our items – names of very patient family members who see pictures of something that they’d love to be wearing, but never actually receive!
I’d like to thank you David for being willing to be featured and sharing the beginnings of a very exciting journey into handmade, and wish you every happiness for the future.

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