Happy Mother’s Day weekend

the wisdom of Mothers

the wisdom of Mothers

I know its a day early, so I’m calling this Mother’s Day weekend – hey, let’s just spread the love a bit further! I’d like to wish all my supporters who are mothers a happy day, and the mothers of all my supporters a happy day too. This year a record number of mothers will be receiving Starzyia jewelry (yay!) and a record number of them are fellow Australians (which is very encouraging to me) thank you everyone!

speaking words of wisdom while eating macarons

speaking words of wisdom while eating macarons

I’ll be offering my mum a lovely afternoon tea, a heartfelt chat, and bless her she’ll want me to paint her nails for her (I think she only gets them done once a year on Mother’s Day so its kind of a tradition) and maybe an old movie. Then we send the pleb out to get dinner (that’s Dad for the uninitiated)

Happy Mother’s day to all families everywhere, and special wishes to those who are missing their angel Mum’s.



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  1. Thank you for the sweet reminder. Ironically, I have been in Australia on several Mother’s days, away from my grown kids in Dallas for speaking engagements. And, since Mother’s day was a day earlier than in TX, it always put me in a “by myself” mode, (without Mother’s day greetings) giving me time and cause to contemplate my mom and kids. Happy day to you too!

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