featured handmade seller interview: Kylie Findlay from bySAGEdesign

Hi, time for me to introduce another wonderful handmade artisan – this time its someone I have been online store ogling for a couple of years so I’m extra excited – Kylie from SAGEdesign a talented designer and creator based in Australia. I find Kylie’s work is beautifully detailed, yet at the same time captures simple pleasurable moments to create and keep happiness with you always.
bird lights by bySAGEdesign

bird lights by bySAGEdesign

My name is Kylie Findlay and I design and make decorative homewares products for bySAGEdesign.
Where did your creative journey begin?
When I was born I think! I have always enjoyed being creative in varying degrees – as a child, in school and as an adult. There have been significant points in the journey though and going to uni to study Visual Art a few years ago was one of them as it became the starting point for bySAGEdesign.
girl on a swing

girl on a swing

What kind of things excite and inspire you?
I get very excited by other people’s artwork.
I am also inspired by life and memory… people and our connections with each other and other living things. Interaction, emotion, expression, love, hope and human refection in nature.
I am drawn to simple design and things that look pretty. I am one of those people that judges a book by the cover and chooses a bottle of wine because I like the label!
earring tree bySAGEdesign

earring tree bySAGEdesign

What is the most difficult creative challenge you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it? (or are you currently tackling it?)
I think being creative and making artwork is all about overcoming challenges. So there are constant challenges! One challenge I am faced with in my business is limited time. It takes time to create work… time to experiment, to reflect, to absorb… it is hard for me in business to allow myself this kind of time without feeling frustrated that I am wasting time. I am constantly reminding myself that this is a necessary part of my creative process.
little boy nightlight

little boy nightlight

What dreams do you have for the future of your creative business?
Wow… what dreams don’t I have ha ha!? I have lots! I guess the basic one is to continue to create, grow and evolve, be inspired and hopefully also to inspire others.
Find more about bySAGEdesign here…. and Kylie has generously offered 15% off coupon code: STARRY (valid until the end of July 2013)
Thank you Kylie, it has been a pleasure “meeting” you after being a fan of your work for so long, I wish you every happiness and success on your creative journey!
ornament bySAGEdesign

ornament bySAGEdesign


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