New seasonal offerings from Starzyia – winter & summer jewelry for you


I’ve been busy creating and photographing stock for the change of season, working extra hard because I want to provide summer jewelry for the northern hemisphere and winter jewelry here at home. My inspirations this year are sunshine and spice for summer, and a walk in the woods for winter.

new for summer, Starzyia etsy

new for summer, Starzyia etsy

new for winter, Starzyia, etsy

new for winter, Starzyia, etsy

All stock featured here is available in my etsy store Starzyia

River Mist, Winter 2013

River Mist, Winter 2013

I’ve been having fun walking the dog early in the morning already this winter, I especially love the looks on people’s faces when they are rugged up head to toe and I’m in shorts and tank top (with snow boots being all I need to keep my whole body warm) and being universally asked “aren’t you cold?”. Nope. Siberian blood in my veins. Much prefer the Australian winter to the Australian summer! Anyway whether it be turning summer or winter for you, I hope you make the best of the season, find lots of beauty all around you, and maybe if you’re in the mood create some beauty too.



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    • thank you, Vickie, that photo is of my favourite path that runs from the river to the street and I feel all glowy and happy like the photo when I tread the path.

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