Repurposed Video Cassette Covers

repurposed video cassette cases by Starzyia

repurposed video cassette cases by Starzyia

This weekend I looked into upcycling or repurposing my cupboard full of VHS video tapes. Once I found a purpose for the actual cassettes, I had a mountain of cases… I ended up being more excited by the cases than the video tapes, first I made a special keepsake box for myself (pictured here) then I thought about how great the idea is for a little girl to hide her diary, or for someone to keep their photographs, love letters, or other treasured items inside. Then I outdid myself… I thought about the times that I get a bulk order for my jewellery from a lovely customer, and that these require larger packaging than my normal oversized letter in padded mailer and that I am often looking for a box to keep the order safe in transit – no more paying at the post office for a plain brown box – I will be treating customers with large orders to a decorated video case which they can keep and use any way they like!

If you are not already familiar with my work, my handmade jewellery is packed full of meaning, and make wonderful gifts with soul. I like to share the meaning and purpose of every piece, when you know what a symbol means, or that the stones are healing, or the colours effect your mood and energy, or feel uplifted by a quote or piece of altered art that I create then I know that you are on the path to understanding why you love the jewellery you have chosen and how it enriches your life.

You can visit my stores any time, Starzyia etsy and Starzyia madeit

a completed case

a completed case

wishing you a happy and creative weekend, Starry


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  1. what a lovely way to package your jewellery 🙂

    I once received a clay order packed in a video case (I keep molds & stamps in it now), but it isn’t nearly as pretty as yours.

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