My One Year Fizz-Aversary (anniversary with Fizzy my adopted dog)

my dog Fizzy, adopted one year ago

my dog Fizzy, adopted one year ago

On July 7th I celebrated my Fizz-aversary which in normal speak is my one year anniversary with my adopted dog Fizzy. I have seen my beautiful boy transform from 7 month old who had had the rug pulled out from under him (family opened the gate, drove away, moved house without him) to 19 or 20 month old who is positively joyful and knows his place in the world and that we will always be there for him. He is taller and stronger, his black spots a little darker, has lost his puppy hair and is glossy and silky. Everywhere we go he is praised, and I am proud to tell people I got him from K9 Rescue Group, the best dog rescue group in the state.

In one year we have learned so much about each other. I know he was never abused because he is not afraid of anyone being ever so friendly and eager to meet all people. I know whoever had him raised him right (up until the point they dumped him – and I don’t condone that!) but they must have known what they were doing because he was a saint in our home, house-trained, not a digger, and though young and a heavy chewer he never chewed anything but his own toys or rawhide bones, shoes and socks are safe with him, as are all my business supplies and boxes around the house. He doesn’t nuisance bark, though I am pleased to say he now thinks its worth alerting us to certain events going on around us, but stops barking as soon as he knows we are aware of and handling the situation. He didn’t know ‘stay’ and he had no idea how to play fetch or do anything except chew or tug, and now I can trust him with the gate open and he will sit and stay while I drag the bins back into the yard and get the mail. I have taught him everything myself, thankfully I didn’t need to pay a trainer because he is smart and willing to learn. I am now teaching him to pick up his discarded toys and put them in his space. I say “get your toy” he picks it up, I point to his bed and say “clean up” and he goes over and I say “drop” and he drops the toy there.

And if you read my Diary of a First Time Dog Owner way back when Fizzy and I were getting to know each other, I can proudly tell you it is now safe to come to dinner at my house and you won’t get a dog hair in your dinner, thank God.

We have had sickness together, and those moments when you wish cleaning horse manure out of their coat was someone else’s job, and our first very wonderful Christmas where he was spoiled rotten with a stocking full of toys. I am looking forward to a long and happy life together with my pride and joy.

Fizzy & Starry (me)

Fizzy & Starry (me)

I’m also hoping that as I grow my mailing list I will have enough readers to begin featuring reader’s pet photos and mini profile of their pet in the monthly newsletter. You can sign up to the newsletter using the tab here on the blog (under the banner image) and tomorrow I will be showing off the Christmas in July prize pack one lucky mailing list member will receive.



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    • I did like that, actually, thanks. My dog loves his bath wench very much but can’t understand why I am gradually booking his baths closer together (first one was after having him four months, next it was 8 weeks, next 6 weeks, next five weeks, now four weeks) he loves the wench not fond of the drench. I however am very happy to have him smell like a rose for a week or two after each bath.

      • that’s gorgeous. My dog defends against mice, I tell him he better be just as courageous if (hopefully never) we get a prowler or burglar.

  1. Fellow Border Collie enthusiast here! This blog’s been a fun read! Then caught Old Dog’s comment.–highly informative yet entertaining at the same time! Thank you to you both! 🙂

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