my handmade hero: BHO Bags and Purses

my Dad's custom christmas gift

custom brush roll created by BHO bags and purses

Amazing things can happen when you put out feelers into the handmade world. As a creator of handmade and someone who spends a lot of time supporting handmade artists and creators, I have of course been giving handmade gifts for a long time, but the only times I’ve ever given handmade to my Dad was when I created it myself. Honestly, it is hard to give for my Dad who at 81 isn’t terribly interested in shopping and doesn’t think he needs anything. But this year I put out a request to my handmade community on madeit asking for help to find a handmade gift for Dad – specifying that he does not wear jewellery (not even a wedding ring), is an artist, doesn’t have hanging space on his walls or shelves as he has too many of his own works to display, doesn’t need any kind of gadget or tech accessory, and is not a metrosexual guy. Within minutes, Rebecca of BHO bags and purses had replied offering to create a custom designed, personalised, leather brush roll and I was thrilled!

I was already very familiar with Rebecca’s work, as she is a fellow Western Australian designer and makes beautiful leather bags, purses, and wallets and here she was offering to create something a bit different from her norm but eager and willing. I can also say that it was so easy to work with Rebecca and once I measured out Dad’s brush sizes (in a top secret mission) and provided some simple information I was able to choose from Rebecca’s design options and was provided progress pictures along the way. A totally delightful and easy experience.

So this is what my father, artist Arthur Raston, and member of the Water Colour Society of Western Australia will be receiving for Christmas in 21013 – a thing of beauty isn’t it!

I can’t help but share a few of BHO’s other offerings because, well, they are spectacular and will make beautiful, long lasting gifts for the folks on your gift list.



Thank you so much Rebecca, you are my handmade hero (heroine!) your generosity in your time and your loving handmade work really touches my heart and I hope Dad will proudly brag about his handmade brush roll – we will be sure to recommend BHO always.






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