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In Appreciation for my Guides who have saved me from a big mistake today


a thank you bouquet to my guides and angels

A lot of people have an interest in my spiritual side, especially my psychic and intuitive side, and yes I do plan on posting about this element of my life, especially on why I passionately believe you only grow your sixth sense through faith, but today, I need to get straight down to simply posting my gratitude to my God, my guides, and my angels who today have saved me from a costly mistake. Phew! And yes I am still on a high, a high of joy, relief, trust, gratitude, and wonder.

I will be having surgery in March, it has been long awaited, and it has been a long journey for me to save the necessary money for the over $9000 in out of pocket expenses. Last week I paid the surgeon, and today I went to my bank to pay the anaesthetist, the full fee being required up front. Although I have been saving for two years, I would actually be short at this point if I had not just received the first payment from the estate of my beloved late aunt. I do believe my aunt has a great interest in my wellbeing and was definitely watching over me today, particularly while I was at the bank and the mall.

In the bank today, I asked the teller if she could make the direct deposit of my anaesthetist  fees into his account, which she proceeded to arrange, a transfer of over $2000 I might add. After the teller had filled out the online form, she printed a copy and asked me to check it and sign it. I held the print out and looked carefully at the amount, the name of the person it was being paid to, and the account number it was being paid into. Believe me, I looked carefully at that account number, and read it as being correct. I signed the document and left the bank.

Then it was time for me to do my grocery shopping, and for some reason, while I was waiting in line at the checkout I whipped out the bank document and checked it again. Yep. Still correct. Put it back in my bag, paid the cashier, went to the food court, picked up a takeaway container of lovely Chinese food, went to sit to wait for my family. For some reason, even though it was less than 5 minutes since I had checked my form while in line at the supermarket, I took out the document again, at this point I saw that the account number my money was to be paid into was in fact, not correct. The teller had put two numbers in the wrong order, and we had both failed to see it when we checked.

My heart leaped into my throat, I got up and powered my trolley through the mall and got back into the queue for the bank wondering if the money transfer was immediate or not, where was my money, was it safe? If it had been paid into the wrong account, and I had signed the transfer… it might all be classed as my mistake. And if the money went into a dishonest person’s account I could very well be paying $4000+ for something that should only have cost me half that… since I would have to go ahead and pay the anaesthetist or no surgery for me!

Standing in line at the bank, so much was going through my mind… but fortunately for me, the branch manager came out and asked if anyone had any non cash business to attend to (since the line was so long and slow moving). Me! I have non cash business to attend to! Yay! I quickly explained the situation and the manager asked me which teller had served me, she went behind the counter, found my transfer paper work, and corrected the account number, signing and stamping the changes and saying it will fine. Fine! I love the word!

And I feel more than fine, I can tell you, when you know you are being loved and protected it is a wonderful thing.



Most Beautiful Monday: everything’s coming up roses!


there's always time to smell the roses!

On this most beautiful Monday, I would like to share what my life has been proving lately,

“the more you praise and thank the world, the more the world will praise and bless you”

The Truth About True Giving


“He has no envy, which means that all he owns he gives away, without being affected and suffering loss by his gifts. For he is rich from the things he gives away and finds rest in what he graciously bestows” quote from The Tripartite Tractate from the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.

Most Beautiful Monday…blossoms bursting open


These flowers are actually really small, but they pack a punch in the colour department! I always look forward to these opening, and they surely brighten up winter.

Here is my Buddha quote of the day “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole world would change”.


Have You Made Peace Today?


relax, make peace, and you will be at peace

We don’t have to look the same, think the same, or do the same, the important thing is to accept our differences peacefully.

Peace doesn’t just descend on you magically, without you first doing the mental and emotional preparation. When you make peace, you will have peace in your life.

We should create peace daily.


Today is the last day to enter my giveaway to win store credit for my etsy store, and the final day of my Christmas in July Sale.

I will close the giveaway at 6pm Perth (Western Australia) time and will draw the winner and make the winning announcement in my post tomorrow morning.

Good luck, and may you go in peace, Starry.

It’s A Matter of Perspective


One day, not that very long ago, I was in the car with my family, driving on a shared outing.

My mother said, “There’s a rainbow!”

I (sitting in the back seat, craning my neck to see) said, “I can’t see it”

My father said, “it’s really faint, it’s not worth seeing”

As we can see, one person saw something that filled them with happiness to the point they instinctively remarked on it, and desired to share the experience.

One person, was truly interested in sharing this experience, and did everything in their power to enjoy it.

And one person, who had no impediment to experiencing it (besides their personality) dismissed it as not worth the effort.

Make of this what you will.

There is Beauty All Around


 Its been a very difficult year, for those who don’t know me well, there was a tragic accident earlier this year that claimed the life of my precious Aunty, but it has really shown me how much I have grown. In fact I would say that I have grown not only because of this event, but that the great spirit guided me to grow enough before hand so that I would be able to cope. In spite of the terrible shock and grief that we have had, I am pleased to have felt an inner peace and happiness that has remained intact. I now know that my happiness truly comes from within not without. If one can still notice the tiny miracles and joys in nature and in life even when one is grieving, then one has not placed conditions and limitations on their happiness. If you say, I will only be happy when all is well in the world, when this circumstance or that occurs, then one may never be happy at all.

Furthermore I am helped in my philosophy by the outstanding example of my late Aunt, whom I have discussed in tributes in my previous blog in the posts and because Aunty always made the most of life, and even though she had vision and hearing impairment she was passionate about noticing the incredible details of the natural world around her.

Since returning home from my sad trip east with my mother I have had renewed passion for photographing the garden, which had fallen by the wayside of the constant need to photograph my beaded jewelry for my two online stores. I have also noticed that I have been attracted to incredibly bright jewelry supplies and designs that I used to always dismiss as not fitting my ‘classic, chic, elegant’ taste. I suddenly realised I am now selecting supplies and designs that Aunty can see and enjoy… and she is around, and she is happy, and she is showing her love for us.

So I am optimistic that I have plenty to experience, enjoy, and share here as I begin my new blog adventure away from blogger, and I truly hope you will join me, and find happiness today.