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Cheering Up on a Monday


Firstly, I hope I have posted this correctly, my first time posting something from youtube.

I have been hiding in my house… sick for two weeks with sinisitis, now a skin infection and my sinuses which were improving have slipped back a bit too. I have had a fat nose, literally my nose has been twice its regular width. I’ve been sensitive to light. I have been a little bit cranky about leaving the house and being seen. I have been indulging in watching fave tv shows on dvd. Actually, this past week, its been Ally McBeal that I’ve been watching, and seeing the character John Cage dancing with a feather duster to the song Gimme Dat Ding cheered me up so much I downloaded the song off itunes and thought I’d share this video with you. If you watch the whole thing, you will also see some vintage black and white animation of Betty Boop dancing.