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Important Starzyia News!

wild river dusk

wild river dusk

Yes, the end of the year really got away from me there… the truth is I have been working hard on my independent website which is now officially open, and will now host my blog. That’s right, this should be the very last post I publish here, and from now on I would love it very much if you would visit me at because you will need to add the blog there to your reader if you want to stay in touch with symbolic gift guides, grief healing, and what is going on in my world. You can also subscribe there to get email notification of new blog posts if that is what you prefer. The first new blog post is a ripper, about how to give meaningful gifts from the heart, you can read it here

I’m thrilled to announce there is also a central Starzyia shop on the site which has served its first customers, and that for the month of January you can save 15% with the code: weparty15 (unless you are on my mailing list and then you should use your secret code to get 20% off all month). I also put up a number of bonus earring sets for my first customers, 4 of which still remain at this present moment – meaning the next 4 customers will have a pair each added to their parcel.

The site is secure, easy to use, and I hope you will find it filled with eye candy and everything you can hope to find.

I’d love to thank you for your support here and I hope this isn’t goodbye as I’m fond of you all.

And Happy New Year! may 2014 be an amazingly good year for you and your families.